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Please check here if Shipping has been halted to your country before you buy anything from the Store. Made on April 2nd: https://www.post.japanpost.jp/int/information/2020/0401_02_01_en.pdf
Also it seems they will not update the link when countries become suspended after this link was made. So I will update the additional countries every time we hear something.

Added Countries:
APRIL 4th: Australia
JULY 16th: Myanmar
August 28th: North Korea
October 31st: Malaysia
November 27th: Canada

Countries no longer on the EMS Suspension List:
* 6/18:
Switzerland, Estonia, Austria, Croatia, Sweden, Spain,
    Slovenia, Czech, Denmark, Norway, Hungary, Bulgaria,
    Belgium, Poland, Portugal, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg.

* 6/30:  China, Italy, New Zealand

* 7/16:  Indonesia, Cook Island

* 8/6:    Turkey, Sri Lanka, Tunisia

* 8/28:   Egypt

* 9/10:   Ecuador, Gabon and Republic of Cote d'Ivoire, Garna,
     Tanzania, Togo, Nigeria, Madagascar, Kenia, South Africa,
     Republic of Mauritius.

* 11/22: Malaysia

* 11/27: Canada

Small Package Suspension Lifted:
* 6/30: Indonesia

During COVID, we are using Yamato/UPS and UGX to countries where EMS is not available. Some parts do have new shipping rates on them.
But please still contact us for orders first.

Please contact us directly about buying parts and storing it here until the suspension is lifted or you do live in a country that can be shipped to. Contact Us at: contact@etsuryu.com